An alleged alien sighting is going viral on social media. HOLR has the latest on what reportedly went down in Las Vegas recently.

According to this TikTok video reposted by user @gracce_goodnight, news reporters are reporting on an alleged alien sighting that is going viral online. Check out the clip below.


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UFO over Las Vegas

A family in Las Vegas alleges that “something” crashed into their backyard causing them to call 911 in which they allege that they saw “creatures” walking around. During the chilling call to authorities showcased in the TikTok video, the civilian witness describes seeing “like an 8-foot person” with “big eyes.” “They look like aliens to us,” states the man in the recording. “They’re 100 percent not human.”

UFO sighting Las Vegas

When officers responded to the call, video footage of the interaction was captured. Interestingly enough, an officer allegedly also “saw something in the sky that night” but was it connected to the alleged alien sighting? In the footage, an officer’s body camera captures something flying and flashing across the sky. It is unclear what it is.

Officers took the call from the scared civilians very seriously as they investigated their backyard where the incident allegedly occurred. However, no concrete evidence has been recovered from the initial investigation by police. For now, the supposed alien and UFO sighing remain a mystery.

What do you think it was?

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