If you’re looking to spice up your space with new decor trends, then look no further. We rounded up noteworthy interior trends for you to try. 

Latest interior decor trends

Granny Chic

Scandinavian minimalism is out, elaborate grandma decor is in! You heard that right, the floral wallpaper, needle-point decor, ornate frames, and hand-painted teacups are making a comeback. It’s no surprise though since most young Millennials and Gen-Z kids are choosing vintage over brand-new. Granny Chic decor is a combination of shabby chic and eclectic maximalism– both interior trends we saw thrive over the past few years. The key, however, to this new trend is to pick and choose which of your grandmother’s old decor can blend in with modern designs. For example, a gallery wall comprised of vintage prints, needle-point textiles, and ornate mirrors will do well in contrast to a sturdy mid-century modern sofa. The idea is to expertly juxtapose old and new designs. 

Latest interior decor trends

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Industrial Organic Decor

Industrial decor does not only mean exposed bricks and pipelines, it also means embracing rough textures of concrete and ceramic. In contrast, the addition of organic shapes and biophilic designs adds a certain level of warmth to the overall trend. Naturally, if you combine rough textures and smooth edges, it’s the perfect mix. The idea is to incorporate natural elements into your space. This can come from plants or natural materials like wood, rattan, or jute. It can also come from organic shapes like arches or anything that has soft rounded curves. To achieve this look, you have to stay away from hash architectural lines. Instead, embrace shapes that are commonly found in nature like pebbles or shells. The easiest way to incorporate this trend is by looking for ceramic vases like this pebble vase from EQ3, or this beige stoneware from H&M Home

Latest interior decor trends

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Okay, maybe I lied about the obsolescence of Scandinavian minimalism, but I’m not technically wrong. Japandi interior design, just like our old pal Scandinavian, is rooted in minimalism. The difference, however, is Japandi embraces natural elements like rattan, bamboo, and clay which enforces a warmer ambience compared to the brusque and cold Scandinavian counterpart. It’s simple, clean and functional. Every element has a purpose which makes this trend perfect for anyone living in a place with limited floor space. If you like to live clean with less clutter, then this trend is for you. 

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