It takes a lot of meditation, experience, and time for a person to decide what they want to do with their lives, especially in terms of career choice. It can be a difficult decision for some people since they believe that they will follow that career path for the rest of their lives. Some people might decide they want to shift careers midway. It takes a lot of dedication and courage to turn one’s life completely around, both of which Ludmila Padre Cardoso needed when it came to establishing her own business, Studio Le Maquillage.

Ludmila is an expert in derma pigmentation, but it was certainly not her first career choice. She had worked in the corporate world as a financial marketer for more than a decade. Considering the shifting economic conditions and her own penchant for entrepreneurial creativity, she began to think of opting for a career change. 

The decision was certainly not spontaneous, as Ludmila thought long and hard about it. Not long before the transition, she had gone for eyebrow micro-pigmentation. The entire process had been fascinating to herm, and she decided to specialize in removing skin blemishes through dermo-pigmentation. She was curious to explore this relatively unknown branch of the beauty industry.

Despite facing reservations from family and friends, Ludmila decided to go ahead with her career transition and become an entrepreneur. Once she had completed all the necessary courses and received the required certification, Ludmila opened Studio Le Maquillage.

The beginning of her new phase in life was not smooth in any way. Ludmila opened her business in 2019, not realizing that she would have to struggle from keeping the doors barred to her clinic due to the rising threat of COVID-19. Like many other entrepreneurs, she faced a lot of challenges like small clientele and not enough finances to run the business and, in turn, her household. 

However, Ludmila stood firm and chose to not give up, which was a decision that now seems like a great decision. As businesses began to open their doors once more, and the danger of the pandemic started to subside, she began to build a clientele.

After nearly four years of hard work, Ludmila has built an excellent reputation in the beauty industry. Her expertise lies in Under-eye Neutralizing, but her clinic offers several other procedures as well that cater to individuals looking to enhance their natural beauty. One of her most popular procedures is neutralizing dark circles – a technique where specific pigments are used to counteract the dark circles leading to permanent results. Other procedures include camouflaging stretch marks, neutralizing scars, lip micro-pigmentation, nano-blading, BB glow, and hydra gloss.

With more than five thousand consultations under her belt since the start of her business, Ludmila has seen the positive results of her efforts not only in women but in men as well. Every procedure has helped boost her clients’ self-esteem and confidence in people and has made their life change for the better. It has taken a lot of effort and discipline on Ludmila’s part to get where she is today. She intends to go further and help educate anyone willing to learn these new techniques and procedures.  

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Published by HOLR Magazine.