Are Leah and Rob from Love Island rekindling their flame?

June 25, 2024– After Andrea’s dramatic exit from Love Island following the dumping, Leah has seemingly sparked a conversation with her first coupling, Rob.

Love Island USA Season 6

According to this TikTok video posted by user @kafuiofficial, Leah and Rob had a conversation together following Andrea leaving the villa. Leah and Rob were initially coupled up before Rob’s attention shifted to Andrea. Rob was visibly upset when the girls voted Andrea out of the villa, threatening self-elimination before deciding to stay and see how things go.

As you can see in the above clip, Rob and Leah are talking in which Leah admits that her current coupling with Connor is not her “ideal situation.” As the duo are talking Connor seems frustrated and in the diary room, he talks about how he wants to talk to Leah about what her conversation with Rob was like.

Rob and Leah Love Island

In this related post by @lynreality, Leah admits to caring about Rob and she seemingly wants clarity about why their flame fizzled out.

Rob also claims that he wants Leah to be happy.

Fans in the comment section of the above video claimed that Leah “played us all” by having fans think she was over Rob- but is she? It is unclear if she wants him back at the moment.

As well, others think that this interaction means something in that Rob looks “in love with Leah” and was only “attracted” to Andrea. Again- this is alleged.

Rob decided to stay in the villa because he wanted to see how things in the house panned out and if he still had feelings for Andrea after meeting everyone.

It is unclear if Rob and Leah will get back together following this convo but what are your thoughts?

What do you think about this interaction between Rob and Leah on Love Island?

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Image Credits: @kafuiofficial and @lynreality TikTok

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