Lindsey Shaw recently revealed the real reason why she was let go from Pretty Little Liars. Here’s what happened.

Lindsey Shaw recently revealed why she was let go from the popular series, Pretty Little Liars. HOLR breaks it all down.

Lindsey Shaw Paige

According to this TikTok video posted by user @nedspod, Pretty Little Liar’s Lindsey Shaw broke down on a podcast when revealing the real reason why she was let go from the series.


@LadyMShawsters opens up about her exit from PrettyLittleLiars, and the way the creators and writers showed her care and compassion during a very difficult time ❤️‍🩹 Watch more at the link in bio. #sobertok #healing #pll #fyp #foryou

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Who did Lindsey Shaw play in PLL?

As mentioned by Shaw, when she had a “drug problem” and was “in between working on stuff” she was “basically let go” from Pretty Little Liars. Shaw played Paige in the series up until Season 5, and she claims it was an “embarrassing” thing that happened when she was fired.

When detailing how it went down, she states how she was called into the Pretty Little Liars creator’s office and was told that she was going to be let go. “It’s not because of your acting,” stated the creator, “but do you have anyone to talk to?” The creator was seemingly addressing Shaw’s alleged “drug problem,” and when Shaw admitted that she didn’t have anyone to talk to, the creator told her to “find somebody.” Shaw claims the interaction was really sweet because the show brought her back in Season 7. “It was so lovely of that writing team to see that relationship and that character out,” stated Shaw.

“It was rough,” claimed Shaw, in regard to how everything went down.

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