After 10 years in the making, Little Canada is now open to visitors, so far with 5 destinations: Little Toronto, Little Niagara, Little Ottawa, Petit Quebec, and Little Golden Horseshoe. It is a great way to explore the country in a very new, curious, and different manner. Make sure to check out this amazing immersive journey throughout Canada in miniature!

With over 200,000 hours of building work, Little Canada is an exhibition that features different Canadian cities in miniature, with a lot of intricate details of daily life in the country. The 45,000 square feet installation opened to the public on August 5th, 2021, after 10 years under construction. This animated attraction currently displays 5 Canadian cities –  Little Toronto, Little Niagara, Little Ottawa, Petit Quebec, and Little Golden Horseshoe – and intends to add one more city each year or two, until it covers the entire country. An experience for all ages, showcasing Canada’s most beautiful and full of cultural diversity places on miniature scale, Little Canada is a must-see exhibition.

Little Canada

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Envisioned by Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, Little Canada has its inspiration from the “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg, Germany. Jean-Louis, a Canadian immigrant, had the help of civil engineer Dave MacLean to make his lifetime project and dream come true. Even if small in scale, Little Canada is a huge project, which counts with the help of a huge team of very talented, experienced – and patient – people who are not afraid to work hard. In order to make this incredible exhibit come true, 3D printers have been used by the team as well as manual handwork. At the entrance of this one-of-a-kind exhibit, a Little Canada passport will be handed to visitors so that they can have a trip around the country in only one day. In Little Niagara, visitors can check out the Horseshoe Fall, the Niagara City Cruise, a catamaran miniature that picks up passengers every 15 minutes, as well as the European-style town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. When visiting Little Toronto, besides the CN Tower with little edge walkers and the Roger’s Center with its retractable roof, people can also be amazed by the 30,000 LED lights illuminating the Downtown Skyline. Little Golden Horseshoe is pictured with the beauty of autumn colours, showcasing the pretty landmarks of Southern Ontario. When entering Little Ottawa, the country’s capital, visitors will see the huge beauty of Parliament Hill and its buildings. Petit Quebec displays a wonderful wintery scene, with its European-influenced architecture and pretty cafés, besides the celebrations of Carnaval de Québec. The next destination to be included in the Little Canada exhibit is Little North, with the incredibly beautiful Northern Lights, glacier mountains, and amazing river shores.

Little Toronto

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Little Ottawa

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As an interactive activity of immersion into Canada’s history, the exhibit shows the country’s cityscapes, tiny people participating in cultural celebrations, traditional trees and houses, cyclists riding along the streets, moving trains, cars, trucks, and boats, and even miniature hockey games in the play. This was all planned to tell the country’s story in its natural state, as a dynamic, evolving, captivating, diverse and wonderful place that should be visited by everyone around the globe.

Little Canada Map

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Little Canada is open from Monday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., with the last entry allowed at 7:30 p.m. The ticket price range varies: $19.00 to children between 4 and 12 years old, $29.00 for adults between 13 and 64 years old, and $25.00 for seniors over 65 years old – 3-year-old children and under are exempt of payment – and it can be purchased at Little Canada’s website. The exposition is currently located in Toronto on the lower levers B2 and B3 at 10, Dundas East. It is a journey with lots of fun and discoveries, so don’t waste your time and go check Little Canada out!

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