Summer has finally arrived, patio season has officially begun and weekend escapes to the cottage or whatever destination you have in mind requires some essentials that we’re happy to share with you. Here are our necessities and a variety of items that we recommend for summer from the following brands: 

48 North

There’s no better way to unwind on a warm summer night than with the Daytrip Eclipse Sativa Infused Trail Mix or the Moonlight Shadow Indica Infused Trail Mix each of which is sun-grown, rain- watered cannabis and inspired by the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. They are a new range of sun-grown cannabis, perfect for the warm weather and are distilled in two easy formats – pax pod or an all in one pen, making them portable and suitable for whatever adventure you’re partaking in. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

They’ve got you covered for the perfect picnic, barbeque, party, or outdoor fun with friends. Everything you need includes the bamboo food tent, the cute stainless steel wine to go cup collection, the beautifully designed orchard or blue glazed dinnerware collection, the perfect copper Moscow mule mugs, a nonstick flexible expandable grilling basket, and a grill master apron, and last not but not least water sports floaty pong. Bed Bath and Beyond is affordable and completely encompasses the beyond aspect. 

Charlotte Tilbury

My personal favourite makeup brand. You can get a great glow up from the following products: The magic cream light miracle moisturizer, the supermodel body summer shimmer to shape hydrate and glow, the light wonder perfect skin foundation with SPF 15, the wonder glow to accentuate that sun-kissed look, the airbrush to effortlessly blend and apply the product for an airbrushed finish, and lastly the new airbrush bronzer perfect for all over the face, contour or the body. Quality summer makeup quintessential to look effortlessly good on all of your summer adventures. 


Hand cream is paramount, especially with the heat which dries out your hands. Eos has 4 different refreshing summery scents made from natural shea oil including coconut, lavender, pink citrus, pomegranate raspberry and eucalyptus. Their hand cream is paraben and phthalate free delivering 24-hour hydration that even lasts through hand washing – a key feature. 


The beauty routine from Fresh speaks for itself. First and foremost the soy face cleanser gently cleanses face and eyes and is rich in amino acids. It’s followed by the deep hydration infused serum which hydrates and nourishes and finished with the black tea Kombucha facial treatment essence – an essential for any age delay ritual. It’s a silky formula that increases luminosity, softens fine lines, replenishes moisture, and refines the appearance of the skin, boosting its resilience and vitality. 

Friendly Stranger

If you need the perfect black baseball cap, the Friendly Stranger’s is nice and sleek. 


A nonalcoholic distilled spirit! The natural mind is often the much-needed balance. It’s fun to have something to sip on, so Lumette’s London dry is the way to go. If you love cocktail culture, it’s their new dry alternative gin. Most importantly it’s made with all-natural flavours, distilled from premium botanicals and zero calories. 


Sunscreen is a must. Neostrata has three great choices which both blend in seamlessly. The Repair Matrix Support is great with SPF 30, and then if you’re looking for something a little more intense, the Defend Sheer Physical Protection with SPF 50 is an alternative. Neostrata sunscreen is oil-free with a botanical blend and still offers maximum toning and protection from the sun. Remember the importance of wearing sunscreen every day even if it doesn’t look sunny. Even put some on your hands. 

Nurse Jamie

An age delay pillow. What more could you ask for? The beauty bear age delay pillow is an innovative anti-wrinkle pillow that has a unique u design shape that cradles the face and neck with a silky satin finish. It can help improve and enhance both the quality and beauty of your sleep. Poor sleeping habits are the root cause of premature aging. 

The Principle Brands

Four different kinds of Magic Stripes of the highest quality ingredients – all of which are innovative sheet masks that enhance the skin or appearance quickly and effectively. Included is a hyaluronic face mask, hand repairing gloves, a chin and cheek lifting mask, and collagen eye patches.