The weather isn’t the only thing getting hotter, here are the summer trends rising this summer.

Summer is here, and for the ladies wondering what to mix-match and wear this summer, keep reading!

The good news is, the pandemic is showing signs of improvement and the need to get out is gradually growing. Which means more trendy and stylish outfits to rock this summer. 

Keep reading for all the essential items, that are on-trend but won’t go out of fashion at any time soon.

Cropped t-shirt 

This is a must-have item for women in summer. Crop-tees are always popular and super easy to coordinate. It’s high-neck so although it may be mini, it still feels more conservative, and it can be paired with something high-waisted for more coverage. It looks best paired with baggier bottoms like boyfriend jeans or loose cargos. Not surprisingly, we can see celebrities always rocking crop tees, like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, or Jennie (BlackPink).

Bucket Hat 

Bucket hats have become increasingly trendy in the past few years. Although it has been on trend for a few summers now, the bucket hat movement is still gaining momentum as the fashion trends of the 90s take over. A bucket hat is not only great rain and sun protection but also a super cute way to complete an outfit. If you were contemplating getting this celeb fave accessory, here is your sign to go ahead and add to the cart.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are not only cute but a necessary item for hot weather. Maxi dresses are available in so many styles and colours. If you want a little more scandal, you can choose designs with bold cuts at the neck and slits to show some more skin. You can also switch up the tone of your maxi dress depending on your shoes. High heels, sneakers, slides, anything goes here! Whether its pastel colors, smooth silk, or baby florals, maxi dresses will undoubtedly be very much sought after this summer.

Photo Credit: Memorandum

Culottes Trousers

Culottes are a trendy item among women, and we love the way they keep you comfortable and breezy on a hot day. Although a simple item, culottes are incredibly versatile depending on the top and shoes you pair them with. Try them with a wrap top and a pair of high heels for a dressed-up look. 

Photo Credit: The Hunter Collector

Flat Sandals

Sandals and summer go hand in hand of course. Flat sandals are quickly becoming a favourite trend recently because of their comfortable, easy-to-match nature. In particular, woven flat sandals have quickly gained popularity this summer.

Photo Credit: Gabi May