This year, HOLR has chosen to showcase what we believe are four of the hottest swimwear brands this season. With summer going into full swing, the perfect swimsuit is essential for feeling your best self, whether you’re at the cottage, Cabana, or tanning in your backyard. Shopping for quality swimwear can be difficult, and with so many options on the market, it’s hard to tell which will provide the best quality. Whether you are looking for a swimsuit that is sexy, elegant, classic, or sustainably made, we have chosen four brands that cater to the varied needs you are looking to fulfill. 


TJ Swim

The first on our list is a brand we believe double checks sexy, off our list of necessary swim criteria. TJ Swim is an Australian swim brand, started by Tara Jane. Tara Jane has said she founded TJ Swim, “with the intent of creating myself premium quality bikinis that looked cute and lasted longer than one season,” explaining the genuine mission behind this fantastic brand. With every swimsuit, TJ Swim aims to design swimwear that is inclusive of all body types, ensuring you feel confident and sexy in their designs. TJ Swim’s latest collection focuses on using natural tones, with 80’s inspired high rise styles, designed to compliment your natural curves. The Jasmine one-piece comes in four colours and features a one-shouldered neckline. This one-piece exhibits a simplistic style designed to suit varied body types, and the material allows for the suit to appear as a tailor-made fit, giving it the ultimate luxurious feel. For more information, you can visit its site

Riot Swim



Founded in 2016, by model, Monti Landers, Riot Swim aims to create swimwear with a more elegant, classy feel. Designed to be durable and last more than one season, Riot Swim strives to break the fast fashion trend that is so prominent in the swimwear industry. Featured in major magazines, Bazaar, Elle, and Maxim, Riot Swim shows strong credibility in the fashion industry. One of TJ Swim’s newest designs, the Vista bikini, features a unique design that is sure to turn heads. A one-of-a-kind piece, the Vista bikini can be worn for multi-use purposes, with the bikini top even being able to be passed as a going-out top. For more information on this brand, you can visit its site


Triangl Swim


A titan in the swimwear industry, Triangl is a swim brand that has solidified its reputation as a trendsetter. Known for developing only the highest of quality, Triangl is a swimwear brand is known for their reasonable pricing and lasting designs. Triangl swimsuits are made using either Italian-made velvet, French Jacquard, or its iconic neoprene material. All swimsuits are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and durable. One style that stood out in its newest collection, the Macia bikini in grape sparkle, is a classic bikini that is perfect for all activities, whether you need to look chic for a pool party, or are waterskiing in Muskoka. One of its best features, Triangl sells the top and bottoms of bikinis together and are all roughly priced around $90. For more information on this brand, you can visit its site




The final swim brand we would like to recommend for the 2020 summer season, is Wolven. Taking inspiration from nature, Wolven focuses on constructing swimwear with bold and wild designs. All Wolven Thread swimwear is designed by designers, Kiran Jade and Will Ryan. Wolven takes sustainable practices very seriously. All Wolven garments are created using RPET fabric, a material made from recycled plastic water bottles. Not only free of harmful and toxic chemicals, but this material is also incredibly durable and perfect for all sorts of swim-related activities. The Flora swimsuit is a one-piece bathing suit described as Wolven’s ‘ode to Mother Nature’s beauty.’ This particular piece stands out for the intricate flower design and the unique cutout placed on the waist. For more information on this brand, you can visit