Kendall Jenner is one of the most recognisable models in the world right now. From being featured on the cover of Vogue to walking the runway for Burberry, she is a giant in the fashion world. And it’s not just her looks on the runway which get attention, her street style is just as influential on the industry. We wanted to look at Kendall’s street style to examine how she puts together an outfit and how to replicate her off-duty-model looks.

This is a classic New York style winter look. Pairing a hoodie and down jacket to stay warm and topping it off with some accessories.

A simple look but done well. The bag is the statement piece and the outfit is well fitted for a comfortable, stylish lockdown look complete with face mask.

The perfect summer outfit. Keeping it simple with a full-white ensemble, and complete with a pop of colour from the Casablanca x New Balance 327.

Another example of a great everyday outfit. You can never go wrong with light wash jeans and a white tee, complete with a simple shoe and oversized button up.  

A way to smarten up the previous outfit. By pairing light jeans with boots, and going for a simple colour scheme, you have a great outfit for any event.

This is the perfect outfit for a day of running errands or a relaxed day with friends.

This outfit puts comfort first. A simple pair of jeans and a cap keep this outfit low-key.

This outfit exemplifies what makes Kendall’s outfits stand out. A pop of colour is the perfect way to elevate a simple outfit.

Kendall Jenner’s street style is simple but well-executed. The main thing which stands out is the colour palettes she uses and the use of accessories, such as bags. Light wash jeans, a cropped top, and a classic pair of sneakers are a great starting place for replicating Kendall’s style.