What if I told you that most of the things you do are not a result of your personal decisions but a sum of your habits? No, really; when last did you make a conscious decision? One that is carefully thought out and actually emerged from your well of interests & will? Habits are formed by the constant repetition of particular activities, to a point where the behaviors become automatic, we do certain things by default. Now, imagine how good habits would reform your thought process, elevate your progress & maximize the quality of your life!

As human beings, we dread difficult tasks, so starting small & having a positive mindset can allure motivation & gradually create habits that will have great impacts. Here are some that you can foster today:

Wake up Early

“The earliest bird catches the fattest worm” – this proverb implies that when you are first in line, you are most likely to take advantage of the greatest advantage available. Likewise, when you wake up earlier than usual, you are bound to fit more tasks into your day. Successful leaders usually assert this advice in their TED talks & books. Try not snoozing the alarm for once & you will see how refreshing you will feel & extra productive your day will be.


We’re usually overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable life obstacles, so much so that our concentration & sanity becomes sluggish. The primary reason for meditation is to focus & redirect our thoughts. This supernatural practice mitigates stress & improves our overall well-being. There are guided meditation videos on YouTube that you can watch & follow for starters, you’ll be amazed at how light & empowered you’ll be afterward.


Many people are reluctant to go to the gym, jog, or do home exercises, little do they know the immense benefits these can have on their physique & psyche. Those that are consistent in doing exercises vaunt extremely healthy lifestyles; this is because physical activity boosts your mood, motivation & brain cells. Who wouldn’t want such for themselves? Find a form of exercise that will resonate with you, stick to it & before you know it you’ll be in better shape.


It’s insufficient to just read texts & nothing else. What substantial qualities are you contributing to your daily conversations? Are you knowledgeable enough to form logical reasoning & tackle challenges? Make it a habit to fill your mind with profitable information. And what better place to acquire that than from books that have been written by experts! Visit a bookshop near you today & purchase some books or download an app called “Kindle” for a digitized version of them.

Write a “To-do” list

Nothing is as disappointing as getting into bed at night & realizing that there are tasks that you intended to do but completely forgot about. Jotting down what you need to do way ahead of time helps you to prioritize, block out distractions & fully focus on one task at a time. Doing this will give your life a fixed structure & instill discipline.

Bear in mind: Conscious, unwavering set of behavior are essential in creating & solidifying our habits. You can apply a popular method called the “21/90 rule” which states – it takes 21 days to form a habit, 66 days to ingrain a habit & 90 days to create a lifestyle. This simply means that every time an activity is repeated, its force intensifies. As we intentionally master our actions, we redirect the course of our lives & become authors instead of being aimless characters drifting on the sidelines.