How to take small steps towards a sustainable future with Nespresso.


Happy Earth Day!

Nespresso is excited to educate Canadians about the brand’s sustainable, eco-conscious initiative to create products that are high quality and easy on the planet.


Did you know…

recent study found that two-thirds of Canadians have one cup of coffee per day? Of that, 25% of those cups are single-serve cups. The negative side of efficiency is that those single-serve cups commonly are made of hard-to-recycle materials that end up within landfills.

As a result, recent research from a study within the UK found that close to 300,000 coffee pods globally end up in landfills every month and will take a minimum of 500 years to break down.


How to be eco-conscious and value convenience

The question this poses for consumers is: how can one be eco-conscious while also valuing convenience?

Nespresso is an eco-conscious brand that utilizes coffee capsules made with infinitely recyclable aluminum. The capsules are designed to protect the quality of the coffee and ensure recyclability. To promote convenience for consumers, Nespresso has developed facilities where capsule recycling takes place to provide a practical pathway for circular solutions.

As a result, their recycling program makes it super simple and easy for consumers to send their used capsules back to be repurposed into various objects such as pens, bikes, and even new capsules.


Taking small steps towards a sustainable future with Nespresso

Growing and building this sustainably-focused infrastructure has given consumers the opportunity to have convenience every step of the way. All through their sustainable consumption of Nespresso coffee.


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Published by HOLR Magazine.