SIBU Sea Berry Therapy is a beauty brand you should have on your list of products to try. They’re all natural vegan products for skin, hair, and nails — giving you the results you want to see.

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Admit it, you might be part of the majority that spends hours looking at beauty brand reviews. Trying samples, walking around Sephora thinking to yourself — is this 70 dollar face cream actually going to work for me? 

Amongst so many beauty products in the world, I think everyone can agree picking out a product is time consuming, and expensive. Especially if they don’t work as well as we had hoped. Luckily, we had the opportunity to try this one special beauty brand, SIBU. We’re about to give you the inside scoop on their products.


SIBU is an all-natural, 100% vegan, and cruelty free beauty brand line. Most noteworthy, it uses sea buckhorn berry for healthier skin, hair, and nails. You’re probably thinking — what’s a sea berry? 

It’s a tiny, resilient fruit that resists harsh weather conditions and high altitudes, and builds up powerful nutrients. These nutrients are then implemented into the products, making them effective on skin, hair and and nails. Tasha, HOLR’s PR manager, tried out three different products from the line and gave us the rundown.




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Hydrating Facial Serum, $44.95

If you’re looking to hydrate your face, this facial serum is perfect. It’s non-oily and penetrates deep into your pores — eliminating flaky, dry skin. This serum is effective due to it’s vitamins, hyaluronic acid and sea berry extract. It’s exceptional for repairing damage at cellular levels, as well as delaying the skin’s aging process.

“Before even trying the product, my impression was positive. This is because the product line is 100% vegan, cruelty free, and all natural. Upon applying the serum, I immediately noticed how gentle the serum is. It seemed perfect for all skin types.

It absorbs quickly into the face and neck without leaving any residue. I notice my face feels hydrated, my skin tone seems even all around, and brighter. Also, I noticed less oil in my t-zone which is fantastic.”

– Tasha 




beauty product sibu

Polishing Facial Cleanser, $19.95

At any age, deep facial cleansing is essential for effective facial care and great skin. This naturally anti-bacterial face wash gently removes dirt, impurities and make-up. It also maintains a healthy balance in your skin. This facial cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin, and will leave your face fresh, clean and perfectly balanced.

“Again, the organic/cruelty free properties of the product are definitely a bonus. The Polishing Facial Cleanser is an extremely gentle cleanser. The jojoba beads in the product provide just enough exfoliation to cleanse, without irritating your skin. This makes the product perfect for daily use, as well as the light/fresh citrus scents!

Overall, The cleanser is great for removing makeup, and is packaged in a pump bottle for sanitary purposes as well as easy use. I have definitely noticed an improvement with my pores and overall brightness/skin tone.” – Tasha 



beauty product sibu

Moisturizing Body Cream, $19.95

Healthy radiant skin is key to the foundation of genuine long-lasting beauty. The attributes of the sea berry oil combined with properties within shea butter and aloe contribute to softer, hydrated skin. This product is fast-acting, and protects skin from everyday exposure to natural elements — preventing dry, cracked skin. The Sea Berry Moisturizing Body Cream is non-greasy and applicable to all skin types.

“This body cream has done wonders for my skin since I have started using it. The cream is very rich, but it never left my skin feeling greasy. It penetrated deep into the skin, as my skin was left feeling soft and nourished the entire day after use.” – Tasha 


So there you have it — SIBU is a beauty brand line certainly worth trying out with your daily skin care routine, if you’re looking for results. In addition to improving your skin, hair and nails, you’re also supporting an all natural, cruelty free product line while getting that natural glow!

For more information on beauty brand SIBU and how sea berry therapy works, visit their website at or follow them on instagram @sibu_beauty.


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