Love is Blind Season 6 contestant, Mathew, has come forward to address his time on the show- and to expose production.

Love is Blind Season 6

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera__, Matthew from Love is Blind season 6 has come forward to address claims about the show and production during his time on the Netflix reality series in a recent interview.

As Matthew explains in the clip, the cast allegedly typically films for around 16 hours a day under fluorescent lights and they reportedly did not let the cast take a 5-minute break to go walk outside. When lunch was provided, the cast was also expected to eat inside.

Matthew explains that one time he was feeling claustrophobic and getting headaches from the lights. When he asked production if he could go outside to take a walk they reportedly told hin “no.” He told them he was going to leave and then they allowed him 5 minutes to go outside.

When the interviewer asked what patterns he saw that disturbed him, Matthew claimed that one thing was asking to use the restrooms all day. “It was a really uncomfortable feeling to be an adult and ask another adult to use the restroom,” he said about being on the show as a contestant. “But you just have no freedom once so ever.”

Love is Blind Matthew Interview

TikToker @positvelyuncensored also posted this video showing an alleged snippet of the LIB contract.


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Matthew Love is Blind Instagram Duliba

In this particular snippet, the contract alleges that contestants must understand that their appearance in the program or connection to it may be disparaging, defamatory, etc. They must also reportedly understand that their portrayal may expose them to public ridicule, humiliation, or condemnation.

The TikToker also explains that Matthew reportedly stated that if you don’t cooperate with production, he is allegedly suggesting that they are not going to cooperate with you afterward. He also delved into his connection with AD and Amber- he allegedly told them they should leave because they were seemingly being forced into having manipulative conversations and being encouraged to drink. Matthew also apparently alleges that when he tried to leave production supposedly insinuated that that they could sue him for damages- unless it was on their terms.

People in the comment section of the above video seem to believe Matthew’s claims following the end of LIB Season 6.

Matthew’s Instagram does not seem to be currently available right now.

What do you think about Matthew coming forward to address claims?

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