Jamie Foxx is currently facing sexual assault and battery charges in a new bombshell lawsuit.

Jamie Foxx Response News 

As mentioned in this article by CNN, Foxx is currently facing sexual assault and battery charges in a new lawsuit.

Who is suing Jamie Foxx?

Foxx is being sued by the plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims Foxx “intentionally and without consent used force to offensively touch Plaintiff’s person.” 

Jamie Foxx Sexual Assault 

As noted in the article, the alleged incident took place in 2015 at Catch NYC in New York City. The lawsuit alleges that Foxx was intoxicated during the time of the incident occurrence.

According to the below Tiktok video posted by user @dailymail, Foxx is being accused of sexual assault after a woman claimed he ‘rubbed her breasts’ while intoxicated.


Jamie Foxx is being sued for ‘sexual assault’ in a NYC restaurant. #jamiefoxx #sued #nyc #rooftopbar #jamiefoxxupdate #news #celebnews #fyp

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As noted in the above video, this incident allegedly occurred after the woman reportedly asked to take a photo with Foxx. The alleged victim remains anonymous and claims that her friend supposedly asked Foxx for a photo back in 2015 and he placed ‘both hands’ on her waist, allegedly then moving them ‘under her top.’

It is also alleged that he told her she looked like Gabrielle Union. She claimed a security guard and witnesses noticed what was happening but seemingly ‘chose to walk away.’ It is being reported that she also sought medical treatment and experienced pain and emotional distress concerning this alleged sexual assault abuse and battery.

This article by billboard states that the woman was reportedly 18 years old at the time of the alleged incident in 2015.

Jamie Foxx Response Sexual Assault  

Foxx and his team have not yet responded to the accusations.

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