Canadian clothing and the Canadian Olympics are something that Canada and its citizens are very proud of. Brands like Roots, Lululemon and Hudson’s Bay have been staples in every Canadian wardrobe, especially because they know how to make clothing for those long Canadian winters.

Now, and until 2028 Lululemon a well-known Vancouver-based brand has won the new contract to be the official outfitter for the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams. Since 2005, the Hudsons Bay Company has been the official outfitter for the Olympic teams, after they took over the role from Roots. Now the torch has been passed once again and it is Lululemons turn to dress our athletes for both summer and winter games.

As a lifestyle and upscale athletic wear brand, it seems fitting that Lululemon is the one to dress our athletes in some of the best athletic wear in the world. For many years Lululemon has been known to be one of the best places to get upscale athletic wear that is both for men and women, and now can fit the Olympic team and work with athletes that best suits their needs and their attires.

“Lululemon has long been a champion of sport — helping athletes in Canada, and around the world, push their limits and perform and feel their best,” said the COC. It is not clear why the Hudsons Bay company lost the contact that they carried for over 15 years, but just like Roots in 2005, it is probably time to share the stage with other Candian brands and show a different way and side to represent our country.

Article published by HOLR Magazine