Deciding to buy a home is a life-changing event. If there is an inconsiderate time set aside to plan accordingly for all the factors that need to be contemplated, for your dream home, then it can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. It is handy to plan for things such as how many bedrooms you want, the ideal number of bathrooms and if they are en-suite, and any other exquisite and specific features you want. But, how easy is it going about finding your dream home?

Well,  it does depend on a fair few starting factors, including but not limited to things such as a pre-approved mortgage, any further work needed to being carried out on the home to make it that perfect place, and the amenities that are within the locale.

So the general rule of thumb is not to even start looking for homes until you have a mortgage pre-approved, or that your accounts have got the required amounts to start looking. Though, if you are ready, then once the application is pre-approved for the amount required, your dream home would then come within the next stages, you can then begin browsing. All of this is part of thinking ahead. But one thing to consider for the futureproof of your dream home is smaller homes won’t accommodate families, so if there are plans to expand your family in the near future, plan ahead and budget for that extra space. This also is something to consider if you are working from home, or plan to when you are settled, that having an additional room will give you the flexibility to convert it into a home office which will be handy.

One other thing that can be contemplated when thinking about the dream place to live, is really the place that you’re going to be living. If its a neighbourhood, city centre, village, or a more suburban area that ticks the boxes, always remember that the dream home isn’t fully accomplished if the local environment doesn’t give you the real feeling that you are home.

For those who are looking for the all-personalised, complete, and bespoke-designed dream home, one of the first decisions would be to look for some land for sale. Whilst buying land would generally mean that you would be building the dream home from scratch, it would also mean you have full control over what the home would look like, how it would operate, and its amenities. This would all incorporate how the home would work for you, how it suits your lifestyle and family life, and adaptions for the future changes, whatever they may be.

Your dream home’s overall space will vastly depend on the budget and then finally you would also need to check and consider what the local authority planning department is willing to permit, though, once you’ve established an overall size, it will come a lot more clearer to decide how to use the space and decide which spaces are more important to you, to then arrange your floorplan accordingly.

What else would you think would help create the dream home? The coast by your side? Maybe relocating to a different place altogether? Or would it include the idea to self build it from scratch as to perfect each detail? Let us know in the comments below.