A man breaks into the wrong house while looking for the person who hit his daughter with a car.

A video posted on Reddit became viral as people were shocked to see the encounter between a man who broke into the wrong house and the homeowner. The video is a 2-minute long TikTok capturing the moment a man looking for the person who had hit his daughter with a car arrived at the wrong place. The footage starts seconds before the man broke the door into the house and ends with him leaving as he understands he is in the wrong place.

”Go away!” is what the homeowner kept yelling to the man, but this did not stop him from breaking into the house. As the homeowner explains that the man is looking for a person who doesn’t live there, the intruder understands the mistake and offers to pay for the damage.

Man breaks into wrong house in Reddit video,

Photo Credits: Reddit / @u/Ricc765

Redditors’ reactions

The encounter provoked numerous reactions from Reddit users. Some were jokingly mentioning the moment when the intruder takes back the money he offered to pay for the damage. ”He says “Do you just want me to pay for it?” as he’s picking the money back up lol […]” a comment said. ”That guy is lucky he isn’t dead.” added another user.

Other people addressed the issue by asking additional questions regarding the context of the car accident. ”It’s crazy the guy who kicked I’m the door really believed the address this guy supposedly gave before or after hitting their daughter with a car was real. Why would he give the right address if he hits people with cars? This is so weird. When did he have time to give his address? It wasn’t a hit and run?”

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