Marlow is dedicated to making the uncomfortable more comfortable through its lineup of game-changing menstrual products.

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Marlow is highlighting the conversation surrounding menstrual wellness, and in honour of International Women’s Month, HOLR is spotlighting the female-founded menstrual and sexual wellness brand, Marlow.

The brand transforms the way those experience menstrual health and wellness and is led by 4 Canadian women. Marlow focuses on empowering menstruators to live their best lives without restraints. It also works to break down barriers as the brand’s roots are in education, sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


What is Marlow?

Marlow is a one-stop-shop that specializes in sexual wellness. This is because the brand is all about making the uncomfortable, more comfortable as it works to alter the conversation surrounding menstrual and sexual wellness. The brand is recognizing and filling a gap in the health and wellness market by helping alleviate some of the pain associated with menstruating.

Thanks to Marlow, it’s time to change the way we think about menstrual health and wellness.

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All about Marlow products

In celebration of International Women’s Month, this female-founded brand is changing the game. The Marlow team and founders, Simone Godbout, Kiara Botha, Nadia Ladak, and Harit Sohal, developed the first-ever lubricant and tampon to be used together.

“In the last decade, we’ve seen a surge of companies such as Peloton and Class Pass who excel at physical wellness. And we’ve seen companies such as Headspace and Calm lead the charge for mental wellness. Now it’s time to look forward towards sexual wellness,” states Simone Godbout, CEO of Marlow.“ We want Marlow to be at the forefront of this next wave of wellness.

Marlow is empowering menstruators with products they will love to use and truly deserve.  This is because the brand’s game-changing lineup offers smoother insertion.

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The Marlow tampons and water-based lubricant are a perfect pairing. This is because the lubricant perfectly coats the tampon with just one easy, mess-free dip. As a result, this ensures a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Marlow products

Why we love Marlow products and how to shop them

The Marlow tampons feature 100% cotton and come in a pack of 18. They are also available in light, regular, and super absorbencies, and are free from fragrance, dyes, and irritants. As a result, these products offer a better alternative for those with sensitive skin.

You can shop Marlow products online here at the brand’s website. The products range from $10-$23 and are available through one-time purchases or a 3-month subscription service.

Be sure to check out wearemarlow.com for more information and to shop the latest products from the brand.

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