Revolve just released a new brand every fashionista should know about — Superdown.

Scrolling through all of the posts of Instagram bloggers can sometimes get repetitive and boring, meaning that we pass through ads for new brands without even noticing.  Over the last week I noticed some of my favourite influencers advertising something called “Superdown,” and had to take a look at what the brand was —  considering it was the most clever name I’ve heard in a while.

After looking into the brand,  I found that it was created by the people who brought us Revolve (the best online clothing website ever), and is meant to be affordable, catered towards Gen Z shoppers.  It’s modern, trendy, young and fresh, from its name to its branding that focuses on cool influencers to the product itself. Superdown features affordable clothing under $100 that is fashionable, as well as age appropriate for the younger generation that might not want to wear some of the more conservative options on Revolve — which often come at higher price points.

As expected, anything brought to us from the creators of Revolve is perfectly curated just like its big sister brand.  Finding cool and trendy clothing that is both affordable and good quality is difficult, but Superdown ticks all the boxes and is a great new online retailer to check out.  Needless to say,  we are all “super down,” and super excited for Revolve’s new brand.




Follow the brand on instagram @Superdown.


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