The brand is changing the way you cook in your oven with its latest launch.

Our Place does it again. 

The kitchenware brand just launched a new ovenware collection that is revolutionizing how you cook in your oven. 

HOLR is breaking down all the details- plus why it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

The New Our Place Ovenware Collection

You already know and love Our Place as the brand that has been transforming the way you cook since the launch of their iconic Always Pan. Our Place takes pride in creating products that connect people through home cooking, with the brand’s latest launch being one of the most anticipated yet.

Get excited, because you can now shop for this ultra-versatile, beautifully designed 5-piece ovenware collection set that’s specially crafted to complete your list of must-use kitchen essentials. 

This is an advanced cookware system that works to enhance your cooking experience while including everything you need for cooking in your oven. From roasting to baking (it even works on the stovetop as a griddle) to everything in between, this collection is a kitchen must-have that will change the way you cook. 

Plus, everything fits neatly together to help maximize space and storage. Since the collection is beautifully designed, it also makes for eye-catching kitchen decor and will instantly elevate any space. 

“Cooking in the oven can feel intimidating, but it’s actually very simple with the right tools. When approaching oven cooking and baking, we brought our trademark innovation and beautiful design to this part of the kitchen. Our Ovenware is designed to make cooking and gathering easier and more fun. We hope this set will inspire everyone to share a nourishing meal with loved ones.”

Shiza Shahid, Co-founder of Our Place

Inclusions, colourways, and pricing

The new Ovenware Collection from Our Place retails for $250 CAD. 

The set includes the following items;

1x Oven Pan: cast aluminum oven pan (5 qt)

3x Bakers: ceramic baking dishes

1x Oven Mat: silicone baking mat

This brand new set is also available in Our Place’s signature colourways; Spice, Blue Salt, Steam, Sage, and Char.

The details

Oven Pan is the most versatile pan on the market. It is designed to work on the stovetop as a griddle, as well as in the oven as a roasting pan. 

Made with a nontoxic, nonstick interior, you can rest assured that nothing you cook will stick. As well, cleanup will be a total breeze. Not only is it large enough for family meals and dinner parties, but it’s also deep enough to capture liquids and bake cakes. You really can do it all with the Oven Pan! The design also features unique curvature detailing along the walls, which have been implemented for can’t-fail crisping. 

Pro-tip: Love a monochromatic moment? Complete your kitchenware essentials by pairing the Oven Pan with Our Place’s matching Hot Grips. 

Bakers are the must-have accompanying trio of baking dishes, which have a glossy ceramic interior that makes them both naturally appealing and nonstick. 

The Main Bake will be your main go-to, as it’s perfect for large orders such as dinner party lasagnas.

The Side Bake is just the right size for feeding your chosen family. 

The Tiny Bake is loaf-sized, which means it’s perfect for serving. 

Together, these three baking dishes are a dream addition to any kitchen. They also nest neatly into the Oven Pan for optimal storage.

Oven Mat is a nontoxic, nonstick, reusable mat with a one-inch square for measuring and spacing out your baked goods. 

As a result, this is a more sustainable option than parchment paper. Similar to all Our Place products, the cleanup process is super quick and easy. We also love how this product is expertly designed to look good in your kitchen, too. Talk about being functional and fashionable!

Be sure to visit the Our Place website today for more information and to shop the brand’s latest launch! The Ovenware Collection is truly a kitchen gamechanger.

Published by HOLR Magazine.