Broken up or still trying to work on their relationship?

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly seem to be trying to work things out after rumors about a potential break-up appeared recently, as PEOPLE mentions in this article. An insider exclusively told the outlet that Fox and the singer are “still working on their issues”.

“Only time will tell if they get back together properly, but it looks pretty unlikely right now.” the insider said. “This is really boiling down to not working,” the same source added. “There have been points where they haven’t been speaking, it’s been that bad.” they continued.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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The insider mentioned that Megan Fox is “having a hard time trusting” MGK, after rumors about the singer being unfaithful became public. The person added that they “always had kind of a tumultuous relationship”.

“Megan was thrilled when they got engaged, though. She really loves him,” the source mentioned. “She was never one to casually date, so she put her whole heart into their relationship. She isn’t happy now, though. She took her engagement ring off a while ago, and it’s not back on.” they also added.

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly

Fox and MGK met in 2020 while Megan was still married to Brian Austin Green. They soon became romantic partners and in January 2022, they got engaged.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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Earlier this year, rumors about a break-up became public after Fox posted some Beyoncé’s Pray You Catch Me lyrics suggesting a potential split following cheating allegations against MGK. Later on, Fox deleted her Instagram account and attended the Vanity Fair Oscars Party without wearing her engagement ring.

Are MGK and Megan Fox still together

New Update: Fox and MGK are reportedly “taking things one day at a time with their relationship,” a source shared with Entertainment Tonight. The insider revealed that the couple is committed to therapy, maintaining open and honest communication about their emotions, and consistently working through their trust issues. They are both dedicated to their ultimate goal of staying together forever, while also respecting each other’s need for personal space. Additionally, they are focused on making things work for the sake of their children, striving to keep their relationship challenges private and shield their kids from any external drama or distractions.

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