Meghan Markle’s decision to skip King Charles’ Coronation did not go unnoticed and has sparked diverse public opinions.

As recent news has mentioned, Meghan Markle has decided not to attend King Charles’ upcoming coronation, as she and Prince Harry’s son, Prince Archie, will turn 4 on the same day. Thus, she will remain in California with their two children, while Harry will attend his father’s Coronation.

The news did not go unnoticed by the public eye. It sparked different emotions in people, as some called the act of not attending the event “inspirational”, while others called it “selfish”.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu defends Meghan Markle

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One supporter of Markle seemed to be Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who recently joined Good Morning Britain as a guest and addressed the news. “I think Meghan’s decision to say no to the most powerful family in Britain and to say no to the most talked about party in town is both admirable and inspiring.” Dr Shola said, as noted by Mirror.

Meghan Markle Lizzie Cundy

On the other side, Meghan has been publicly critiqued for her decision by one of her ex-friends, Lizzie Cundy. “I think Meghan is not coming to the Coronation because she knows she’s going to get booed but she’s putting her own feelings and worries about being booed before her children.” Cundy told Mirror. “I think it’s a travesty that Lilibet and Archie are not going to be at their grandfather’s Coronation. What will Harry and Meghan say to them when they’re older? When they say ‘Why weren’t we there at the most historical moment in British history? Why weren’t we on that balcony?'” she continued. “I think the two of them are utterly selfish”.

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According to PageSix, Cundy and Markle met in 2013 during a charity event. However, their friendship ended once Meghan started dating Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle not attending Coronation

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Markle’s decision not to attend the Coronation saddened the King, as noted by TheSun. A source told the outlet that “it’s sad but the King understands the situation.” “The King is happy that Harry, his son, who he calls his ‘darling boy’ will be at the Abbey. He wanted him there. It is sad, he is very disappointed that he won’t see Meghan or his grandchildren but understands the situation.” the source continued.

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