Fine jewelry brand Mejuri launched a new Heirloom Ring in collaboration with the multi-hyphenate performer, Marawa The Amazing. 

Mejuri and Marawa The Amazing releases a new Heirloom Ring

Meet Marawa:

Marawa The Amazing-—or Marawa Ibrahim in real life—is a performer, author, and current world record holder for hula-hooping most hoops at once (200 hoops!). Performing has always been her passion, and even as a child, she cites Olga Korbut as her hero. Her journey started when as a young girl, she went on tours of circus schools in China which inspired her to enroll in a Bachelor of Circus Arts program at the National Institute of Circus Arts. After graduation, Marawa taught and performed hula-hooping all over the world. From Nepal to New York, to Los Angeles, her high energy served her great purpose as she became well-known—even appearing in not only one but three Great Talent shows (Arab, Australian and Britain!). 

In 2015, Marawa broke the record of having the most hula hoops spinning all at once. At this point, it was her fourth time breaking the record with 200 hoops. If that alone is not enough to grant her the title as Marawa The Amazing, then I don’t know what else will. She currently holds 12 Guinness World Records. 

Mejuri and Marawa The Amazing releases a new Heirloom Ring

Photo Credit: Mejuri

Marawa also uses her high energy and influence to empower women. In 2012 she launched Marawa’s Majorettes through a series of workshops. Now, the crew teaches and performs all over the world. They continue to dominate as one of the leading international performance troupes. Just like their founder, the Majorettes also holds the world record of most hoops spun by a team (299 hoops!). 

In 2018, Marawa expanded her impressive resume by writing a book called “The Girl Guide.” It illustrates and explains all things girly like puberty, mental health, and having crushes; not exactly in that order. 

Mejuri x Marawa Collaboration

Mejuri and Marawa The Amazing releases a new Heirloom Ring

Photo Credit: Mejuri

As someone as amazing as Marawa, it only makes sense why Mejuri chose to collaborate with her. Mejuri’s Heirloom Ring is the kind of ring that is always at the center of attention; the kind that is deserving of heirloom status; something that is meant to be treasured and passed down. 

In this collaboration, Marawa made sure to inject her bold, fun, and carefree personality into the ring. She chose the stone Prasiolite, a natural quartz gemstone known for its metaphysical properties. This stone is said to amplify energy and stimulate vision and connection— properties that are very important for someone like Marawa. The ring—which is handcrafted in 14K solid gold—plus the Prasiolite stone stands out so exquisitely on its own it may as well be deserving of icon status. 

To learn more about the collaboration, visit Mejuri’s website. The Heirloom Ring is now available to purchase online and in-store for $715 CAD. 

Published by HOLR Magazine