Melissa Barrera Palestine Comments

Actress Melissa Barrera was fired from the ‘Scream’ franchise due to her comments on the Israel Hamas war. While Melissa did post some stories expressing her love of both Palestinian and Jewish people, she also perpetuated antisemitic tropes and posted rhetoric that could be misconstrued as borderline hate speech. Specifically her posts saying “From the River To The Sea”, which imply that there is no place for Jewish people in Israel and that all of it should be for the Palestinian people.

The danger of such comments is that it is not a peaceful proclamation as it negates the right of Jewish people who also have ancestral ties to the land. Instead of calling for a two-state solution or a peaceful solution for both Palestinians and Jewish people to inhabit the land together as they once did for hundreds of years, the slogan From the River to the Sea calls for the complete expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Jewish people.

Melissa Bererra comments

Melissa Barreira Comments

Spyglass released a statement that Melissa was fired from Scream 7 “due to rhetoric that flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech.” While there are screenshots going around showing Melissa’s some of her peaceful posts, the ones of her saying “From The River to The Sea” have been left out online. However, you can see her posts where she is referencing what is happening is genocide and ethnic cleansing; two buzz terms that have been floating around regarding the conflict that are adding a layer of misinformation that has had dangerous repercussions as can be seen within some of the protests where people latch onto these words without understanding their true meaning.

Melissa Barbera tweets

Melissa Barrera Tweets

Spyglass is now facing backlash for their decision to which they released this statement, “We have zero tolerance for antisemitism or the incitement of hate in any form, including false references to genocide, ethnic cleansing, Holocaust distortion or anything that flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech.” Melissa has been posting since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks and how Israel has reacted in trying to eradicate Hamas since them. Melissa also reshared a post from Jewish Current magazine about distorting “the Holocaust to boost the Israeli arms industry.”

Melissa Barrera Palestina

Speaking on this decision, Filmmaker Christopher Landon, initially posted on X/Twitter saying “Everything sucks. Stop yelling. This was not my decision to make,” but he has since deleted his post.

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