Mia Schem Full Interview English

Mia Schem, a 21-year-old dual French-Israeli national, was abducted by Hamas during an attack on a party at Kibbutz Re’im. She was held captive for more than 50 days before being released. In her interview with Channel 13, she shared her decision to break her silence, expressing the importance of reflecting on the true situation of the people living in Gaza and what she experienced during her captivity. Her abduction occurred during one of the massacres carried out by Hamas on October 7.

Mia Schem Interview Video English

Mia Schem Interview Video Channel 13 Israel

During the interview, Mia Schem revealed that for 54 days she was kept on a mattress in a small room with a terrorist guarding her 24 hours a day. She added “his eyes and his face are still in my head. He was examining me, I was afraid that he would suddenly put a bullet in my head.” She also said that she was then moved to another room in a families home where they would throw food at her once a day but that there were some days that she didn’t get food. Mia added, “The children opened the door, looked at me and laughed. The boy 10 years old, entered the room with a bag of sweets. He gave it to his father, stood next me, opened the bag, closed it and left.”

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