Networking? It relates to engaging in constant convivial interactions, to formulate professional and societal relationships. When explained in such tedious terms, networking almost seems like a burden. When in reality, it’s nothing more than encouraging interesting topics of conversations, and breaking the ice. However, just like the raging complexities of this world, every aspect of life is interconnected. The key to faring well in your career-related path, is to focus on understanding the importance of building and maintaining relations. Therefore, here is a mini-guide to Mastering the Art of Networking

Being Proactive & Attending Business-Related Events

One must partake actively in distinguishable events that can aid in broadening their social circle, while allowing them to meet new people. Furthermore, to almost bust a myth, networking isn’t and shouldn’t only be subjected to businesslike events. Although many companies organize events that are notably for networking purposes, it’s best if people involve themselves in off-hours interactions to keep the momentum going. 

Projecting Confidence while Supporting a Friendly Demeanor

The way we carry and portray ourselves is crucial to establishing a positive yet dominant presence in the room. Having a cordial aura will set a comfortable tone for others who you approach or vice versa, further encouraging productive discussions. Moreover, confidence is sexy, many find it appealing and will be drawn to you in a crowd.

Initiate Conversations & Hone your Listening Skills

Don’t be shy to be the first to break the awkwardness, and start a conversation. It displays your willingness to get to know the other person, and makes them more at ease. Share your perspective with others, however do not impose your opinion on them. Most importantly, be sure to conduct conversations with an open mind, allowing others to voice their point of view as well. 

A highly undervalued aspect of human psychology that many are ignorant toward is that people love talking. Whether it’s about themselves or others, it doesn’t matter. All they care about is a partner who is willing to listen to them. Therefore, use this as a leverage, and give them your undivided attention.

Establish Topics that you can Follow-Up on

Remember to avoid too much discourse as it can work against you. Although you may contribute to discussions with an open mind, others may have a different approach. Thus, focus on topics that are not too controversial. In addition to that, try conversing about topics that give you a chance to revert to them later, perhaps using social media. It acts like a building block in your relationship, and proves that your time networking with them did not go to waste. 

Take Advantage of Social Media 

Welcome to the new age, where we have access to groundbreaking platforms that allow us to communicate and keep in touch with people from around the world. Therefore, make use of it. Connect with the people you’ve already met, along with contacting those who you’d like to get to know. This can be done using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Furthermore, send them links to articles of similar interests, and comment on their posts, perhaps start a conversation with them – allowing them to sense value in your exchange. 

Now more than ever, networking is critical to gain friends and contacts within our respective industries. Therefore, we highly recommend you to take into account these tips, to determine your position in your career.