What Happened To Alex Murdaugh Housekeeper

The case of Alex Murdaugh and his involvement in the death of his housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, has taken yet another turn as newly-released audio has emerged in which Murdaugh appears to blame his family dogs for the death of the housekeeper. The audio was recorded during a 2018 interview that was conducted as part of an insurance claim brought over Satterfield’s death. In the interview, Murdaugh claims that Satterfield had told him that the dogs had caused her fall. However, last week, in court documents responding to a lawsuit by an insurance company, Murdaugh admitted to “inventing” the story that Satterfield had tripped over the dogs, claiming he did so to ensure the life insurance company paid up.

Alex Murdaugh Gloria Satterfield

What Happened To Gloria Satterfield?

At the time of Satterfield’s death, Murdaugh claimed that she had tripped over the family’s dogs and hit her head, and her death was regarded as an accidental fall. However, her death certificate cited her manner of death as “natural”, and no autopsy was ever carried out. Murdaugh claimed he would bring a wrongful death lawsuit against himself on behalf of Satterfield’s two sons. He did but then allegedly stole $4m in settlement money for himself, and the housekeeper’s sons did not receive any payment. Murdaugh is now charged with stealing $4m from Satterfield’s family as part of a decade-long multi-million-dollar fraud scheme where he stole millions from his law firm and legal clients.

The case has been shrouded in mystery, with Murdaugh being found guilty for murdering his own son and wife in June 2021. Attorneys representing Satterfield’s sons have accused Murdaugh of lying about lying and walking back his original claim. They have also noted that it is “very convenient that the three people who could contradict Alex are all dead – Paul, Maggie, and Gloria.” The case continues to unravel, with more twists and turns likely to emerge.

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