Mikayla Nogueira slammed Rich Lux in a series of Instagram stories posted just minutes ago.

Makeup guru Mikayla Nogueira posted a series of Instagram stories addressing content creator Rich Lux’s latest video regarding her fiancée, Cody.

Mikayla Nogueira TikTok

Nogueira is a popular TikToker who is known for creating makeup videos on her platform.

New Updates regarding Rich Lux

Nogueira took to her Instagram just minutes ago to address Rich Lux and a recent video he posted about Cody on TikTok regarding his ex-girlfriend.

“Rich Lux, I now like to call him Ruch Sucks,” said Nogueira on Instagram. Rich Lux has been known to create celebrity gossip content videos, some of which have addressed Nogueira in the past. Most recently, Rich Lux allegedly talked about Nogueira’s fiancée Cody, in a recent video.

“Don’t f*cking talk about Cody. Cody doesn’t even have social media,” said Nogueira. Nogueira goes on to mention that Cody is a recovering addict.

She went on to say, “The fact that you made a video about him is f*cked up.”

Finishing off the series of Instagram stories, Nogueira said, “Cody does not deserve to be spoken about on social media.” Addressing Cody’s ex-girlfriend’s video in her stories, Nogueira says, “There is no tea there. That is someone he went through treatment with, he met in treatment. They were both drug addicts, of course, they’ve been through some s*it together.”

According to Nogueira, Rich Lux needs to “keep Cody’s f*cking name out of your mouth.”

mikayla nogueira

Image Credit: @mikaylajmakeup Instagram

Nogueira is not having any of Rich Lux’s latest claims as she says, “Yes, I put my life online but, um, no, we are not going to do that to recovering addicts and good people, because Cody is the best f*cking person I ever met.”

Yesterday, Nogueira also took to her Instagram stories to address recent comments alleging that she photoshops her body and face in videos.

mikayla nogueira

Image Credit: @mikaylajmakeup Instagram

Rich Lux has yet to publically comment or address Nogueira’s latest remarks.

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