Minimalism seems to be the term used by a wide range of companies spanning across all industries, to market their new approach to all things life. Though a shift to simplicity is a trending topic, there is a distinct message that deserves to not be diluted by the overuse of the concept. Canadian brand KOTN, is making a global impact with their initiatives on ethically made clothing that are crafted using one of a kind Egyptian cotton in highly ethical conditions. 

To speak to the ways of minimalism in 2019, HOLR Magazine sat down with podcast and girl boss duo The Millennial Minimalists, to uncover the journey towards minimalism with Toronto based creatives Jack Greystone and Carter Reid. Both Carter and Jack, who have become voices for transferring into a minimalist environment and wardrobe, share their thoughts on what the concept is to them, and how they came to know it so well.

Creative Direction | Julia Shelton, Jack Greystone
Director of Photography | Josh Davies
Makeup | Natalia Farahmand of Desiderio Beauty
Clothing |KOTN

“It’s not something that you do one weekend where you clear out your closet – it’s much deeper than that. For me, it’s been penetrating my mental and emotional states. I’m constantly asking myself: do I need this? Can I throw this away?” – Carter Reid

Making minimalism a long-term goal, rather than a weekend of gutting, was the key component to Carter’s success in maintaining the mantra ‘less is more’. There will always be many opportunities every day to add to our already-long repertoire of “things”, so learning how to evaluate what you need vs what you think you need is an on-going process.

More specifically, our wardrobes can feel like no end. 

Minimalist style means refining your wardrobe down to the few essentials you feel and look your best in.” – Millennial Minimalists. 

Steering clear from impulse purchases of pieces that don’t really reflect you, is trend shopping, and is not ideal for your wardrobe and overall space. Though it might lead to a more tedious approach to shopping, the method of investing in quality, simple pieces is a step towards a minimal wardrobe malleable enough for any occasion.

“Stop with the super trendy items, that’s fast fashion. We’re becoming more honest and as we find our own personal, minimalistic style, quick trends can eventually be pushed out.” – Jack Greystone 

The way we shop for clothes should evolve along with our personal tastes. If your style is changing, so should your method for sourcing those styles. It is brands like KOTN that offer us longevity with items we seemingly wear multiple times a week – and feel most ourselves in.

SHOP the latest collection from KOTN at their online store, and visit their retail at locations in Toronto and Vancouver. Keep up with other print content here.