Catriona Gray has stunned the world with her grace, poise, and beauty. All of which are characteristics befitting of a beauty queen which comes as no surprise as to why she is Miss Universe 2018.

With her signature lava walk, gorgeous features, and exceptionally radiant skin, Miss Gray knows that the key to beauty is simplicity. Here are just some additional tips on how you too can achieve the same glow as Miss Universe herself.

Using Simple Products

Miss Gray is an advocate of using organic products and as such uses a lot of natural ingredients in her skin care routine. Some of which include:

  • Using coconut oil as a makeup remover;
  • Applying gentle cleansers to wash her face
  • Using Jojoba oil as a moisturizer

All of which are proven to have multiple benefits to the skin as well as the body. Considering that she has combination skin (both oily and dry depending on the area), Catriona has to ensure that she understands the different needs for the different areas of her face which means that hydrating products should be on dry areas, while gentle ones should target oil parts. To prevent her skin from breaking out, she also makes it a point to get facials every two weeks to give her skin the pampering it deserves. All of which should be done consistently so to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.


Minimal Makeup 

For a natural glow, Miss Catriona favors applying on very minimal makeup to keep the skin looking natural. Some of her favorites include non-clumpy waterproof mascara, light bronzer, cheek tint, and a brow pencil. This prevents dirt and residue from clogging up her pores which could effectively lead to breakouts. To finish off her signature look, she also makes it a point to apply a layer of moisturizing lipstick on her lips so her smile always look soft and plump. While she is aware that not everyone has the same skin type, she does believe that makeup is a learning process where one should find out which product works best for them.


Start With a Healthy Diet 

Catriona believes that good skin should start from within which is why she advocates following a healthy diet. One of her secrets is constantly hydrating herself with water while eating a healthy and balanced meal. To increase your skin’s natural radiance, consider consuming foods rich in Vitamins A, C, E, K, and zinc such as lean meats, leafy vegetables, citric fruits, fatty fish, and legumes. Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar as they can make your complexion look ruddy and dry, which can also age you faster.

To avoid sneaking in some unwanted compounds in her food, the beauty queen revealed that she often likes to cook her own meals so she knows what ingredients are being used. She also regularly consumes a healthy breakfast like green smoothies, natural juices, and smoothie bowls.


Stay Consistent

A person’s lifestyle consists of two things: their diet and their habits, a fact that Miss Universe herself isn’t one to overlook. Aside from focusing on her daily and weekly skin care regimen, she also makes it a point to:

  • Always start her skin care routine by removing her makeup to prevent breakouts
  • Drink enough glasses of water – it keeps skin hydrated
  • Avoid touching her face or resting her head in her hands when she’s bored – to prevent transmitting germs
  • Gets enough rest for the day,  to ensure her skin repairs itself properly

Each of which plays a very important factor on how it can affect a person’s appearance drastically. Above all else, she also believes in keeping a happy disposition to prevent negative emotion and stress from affecting your looks.


Stay Physically Fit 

During her preparation for the pageant, Catriona revealed that she has a regularly works out three to four times a week, which occur in different exercises like Pilates, strength, and cardio. These activities ensure that her skin stay radiant, keep her body in proper shape, while also providing her with enough energy to get through the day. Other than these benefits, the reigning beauty queen also admitted that learning martial arts taught her the importance of discipline and what it means to have a sense of achievement.

With these simple tips in mind, it’s safe to say that anyone can feel like a beauty queen if they are willing to put effort in it. It also shows that one doesn’t need to invest in expensive items so long as they are consistent with their skin care routine.