Who would have guessed that stationery would be overtaken by gadgets? Or at least, in such a rapid manner.

When the normal school progression got disrupted by hard lockdown(s) over the past year, an urgent saviour had to be deployed across schools in order to alleviate the unfavourable aftermath & possibly save the academic year. Therefore, mighty technology rapidly flew in like a superhero, ready to save the day, and as we know it, it is as fickle as the weather forecast & needs constant adaptation.

In line with that prevalence, institutions ought to be equipped with applicable technological devices so to effectively deliver edifying learning experiences. In addition to that, parents need to work hand in hand with the respective schooling systems of their children by purchasing the necessary devices to ensure cohesiveness between the school & home-based educational structure(s). Now, I’m very much aware of the frustration & confusion that comes with securing essential items for the back-to-school season, so it is for this very reason that this piece seeks to explore the different options one can opt for when going shopping. 

A Router

Out of all your buying decisions, this should be the primary one, because how else are you going to access the internet (Oops, I mean the modern-day classroom)? When purchasing a router you’ll want to invest in a mesh network system too, as it allows extended Wi-Fi connectivity in your house. You don’t want to experience a logjam in the middle of an important lesson, now do you? So get yourself a Eero that speeds up to 500 Mbps so to effectively participate & co-operate. 

Google Pixel 4a Smartphone 

The constant security updates embedded within this phone removes the risk that might threaten your data. Its excellent performance & lengthy battery life is what make it stand out & probably one of the factors that earned it an award at the Back to School Tech Awards.

Portable Ring Light 

This is mandatory for Teachers! The video clarity that comes with enhanced lighting when conducting a lesson online will most likely keep the learners engaged throughout. There are a variety of ring lights to choose from, each with different adjustable stands. Yingnuoust 10” comes highly recommended as it includes a holder for both a phone & a tablet, it also includes a remote which makes it seamless to operate the phone without moving from your chair. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

Imagine walking around with a “semi-library”. Since social-distancing is encouraged, owning a kindle might be the closest thing to experiencing that ecstatic feeling induced by being at a physical library. Not only will this device be of good use for leisure reading purposes that stimulate the learner’s knowledge & vocabulary, but it can serve as a holder for their various textbooks as well. Its large screen makes it easy & convenient to read. 


“Over-ear” headphones are a much more convenient pick for learning from home or in any digitalized space, unlike earbuds that can easily tangle up every now & again. An added advantage of these headphones is the extended background noise reduction & good quality sound. 

Refurbished MacBook Air

Not everyone can afford the latest Apple computer, so considering a refurbished device will still afford you that quality while staying within your budget bracket & allowing one to effectively accomplish their work through spreadsheets, word processing, iMovie, etc. If you’re looking for mobility, a 15-inch screen iMac should suffice. 


This is an alternative to the iMac. According to experts, Google Pixelbook Go is one of the most powerful Chromebooks with  16 GB RAM & a 1.3GHz i5-8200Y Core processor. Its great battery life can last for up to 11 hours, so all-nighters are covered here.

Portable hard drive

The school’s workload can be excessive, so possessing an external storage device is vital. Saving your work on a regular memory card might not cut it; a wireless portable drive will come in handy, especially if you’ll ever decide to be in a study group, you will be able to simultaneously connect your device to it & have access to the notes saved in it. 

Back to school season does not have to be stressful when you can prepare yourself prior, read this HOLR article for tips on that.

Published by HOLR Magazine.