Don’t miss out on these top 5 most anticipated albums of the summer of 2021. Check out this article to see what millions of fans have been waiting for.

As the pandemic continues so does our yearning for new music to listen to. But some of our favourite musicians and groups have not been sitting by idly during covid, releasing new albums this summer. And these albums many of us have been waiting for quite a while. Here are the top 5 most anticipated albums this summer.

5. John Mayer – Sob Rock July 16

Sob Rock is John Mayer’s eighth main solo studio album. It’s been 4 years since his last album The Search For Everything. The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered for several months already according to Mayer’s TikTok account, so many of us are dying to hear it. This album was inspired by Mayer’s nostalgia for 80’s music. The play on words for his upcoming soft rock sound album dubbed Sob Rock is being released July 16th.

4. Lana Del Rey – Blue Banisters July 4

Also another eighth studio album being released, Blue Banisters has been in wait for only a few months since Lana Del Rey’s last studio album Chemtrails over the Country Club release in March this year. The day after its release we were told her next album would be named Rock Candy Sweet and released around June. But as the album is being released in July and is an entirely different name, things clearly changed. The alternative indie’s titular track and two other singles preceding the release likely means the rest of the album will follow suit.

3. Migos – Culture III 11 June

With another addition to the Migos long play series, the Migos are back! Following their three solo albums prior to this, they returned making Culture III. They have been quite busy and proactive in their music career working and collaborating with many different artists. Their continued racking of musical achievements will show how their talent has developed over the years in their next album following their long play series in Culture III.

2. Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever July 30

For our second most highly anticipated album of 2021’s summer is Billie Eilish’s second album. Many of Billie Eilish’s fans have been waiting for this to come ever since Eilish’s first album had critical and commercial success in 2019. Having released 4 singles since then with 3 of them entering the top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100. It is no surprise this overnight success has one of the most highly anticipated albums this summer.

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1. Maroon 5 – Jordi Album June 11

 Maroon 5 has been a worldwide popular band for many years, being one of the most listened to bands in the world every month. The album was given its name as a tribute to their late manager, Jordan Feldstein. As the album is sure to be interesting, it has piqued the interest of their millions of followers. Being Maroon 5’s seventh studio album and all the other singles under the band’s belt, it will surely be a testament to their talent and skill as musicians.