Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish talk all things “Hit Me Hard and Soft”.

June 14, 2024- Billie Eilish is on the cover of Interview Magazine’s 2024 summer issue, and the official transcript between Lana Del Rey and Eilish has just been released.Lana Del Rey asks Billie Eilish the hard questions

Last Year’s Interview Magazine Cover

Last year, Eilish interviewed Del Rey, 38, as she was promoting “There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” her ninth studio album.

The tables have turned this summer, and Del Rey is now the interviewer and Eilish the interviewee.

Billie Eilish “Hit Me Hard and Soft”

Eilish’s newest studio album “Hit Me Hard and Soft”, debuts as her highest-performing album yet with over 193 million streams.

Eilish, 22, explains her avoidance of vulnerability in relationships with Del Rey, which she believes is reflected in the album’s lyrics. Lana Del Rey asks Billie Eilish the hard questions

“I found myself never expressing any of my needs. It’s almost like I resent myself for not advocating for myself, because if I had, things would’ve changed,” said Eilish.

“I never pictured you needing to keep it together,” Del Rey replied.

Del Rey highlights the purposeful arrangement of tracks, particularly how “Skinny” leads into “Lunch” with such organized transitioning.

“It was purposeful to have “Skinny” do what it does, and then at the end you hear the drums for “Lunch”, which comes in and slaps you in the face,” Eilish said. (here)

Del Rey and Eilish Don’t Get Dumped

Del Rey and Eilish also explore the complexities of romantic relationships, with Eilish saying she has a control issue and she doesn’t do the “dumping”.

“I’ve never been dumped, and also, I’ve never been broken up with,” Eilish said. (here)

“Usually, I tell people that they broke up with me, because essentially, they did. Because they made me do that,” Del Rey replied.Lana Del Rey asks Billie Eilish the hard questions

Growing Up in the Public Eye

Both stars believe they grew up in the public eye and that there are pressures associated with it.

“It’s so weird to grow up and change in front of the world,” Eilish said.

“I almost feel like I grew up in front of the world too, because it doesn’t matter when you get famous, you’re going to grow up all over again,” Del Rey replied.

Del Rey’s newest country studio album, “Lasso”, is expected to drop in September 2024.Lana Del Rey asks Billie Eilish the hard questions

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