Murda B Fight Video

Murda B fight video shows Tik Tok star fighting with Lotta Hound who is friends with Kenzo B. The video has gone viral on social media, and you can see it for yourself below. Murda B has since posted a video in the aftermath to the fight with her response, which can be seen on Reddit here.

It is unclear what caused the fight but people on Reddit have commented that it started due to a verbal altercation. Murda B is an American Tik Tok star who joined the app in 2021. She is from New York and frequently posts Tik Toks of herself lip-synching and doing dance trends.

In Murda B’s response video, she can be seen icing her face and addressing the situation where she seems visibly upset angry. She has allegedly deleted her Instagram since the altercation. In the video it appears as though the fight took place in Miami and her management has not released a statement yet.





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