Call Her Daddy is the ultimate “Girl Talk” podcast. Alex Cooper covers almost every topic, from sex and relationship advice – to embarrassing moments to the latest celebrity gossip. Alex will have you in stitches by the end of the podcast!

Call Her Daddy began as a podcast and evolved into a global movement. Alex Cooper is spitting in the face of misogyny and putting a modern twist on feminism. The woman-led empire produces raw, relevant and provocative conversations that promote sexual liberty and personal empowerment while stripping away any barriers of judgement.

Alex Cooper is the most successful woman in podcasting, drawing on her own experiences with men to dole out sex advice to millions of listeners on her weekly podcast. “In one episode, I was jokingly like, ‘If he does this, break up with him. Then I got hundreds of girls DMing me being like, ‘O.K., I did it,’ and I’m like, ‘Wait, hold on, let’s make sure that’s the right choice for you specifically.’”

Exuding big-sister energy that attracts young women—mostly from the ages of 18 to 26. Between recording sessions in her Los Angeles home, while often direct-messaging one of her 2.2 million Instagram followers about their sexual quandaries and romantic woes.

Strap in and enjoy, and more importantly – welcome to the Daddy Gang!

New episodes come out every Wednesday and you can listen to them here.

Published by HOLR Magazine.