Any true crime lovers out there? Crimes of Passion is a must-listen on Spotify and we’re breaking down all the reasons why.

Every Wednesday, Crimes of Passion – A Sptofiy Original- dives into the dynamics and psychology that led to crimes such as theft, murder, and betrayal.

If you’re into true crime and are looking for a podcast that analyzes the ways in which crimes throughout the ages have transpired, this is the series for you. The podcast dives deep into crimes throughout the years that have left many with unanswered questions who are looking to find out more.

From Princess Diana’s death (a 3-part special episode) to the Woodchipper Murder to everything in between, this podcast covers stories from start to finish through detailed 30-40 minute episodes. If you don’t have as much time on your hands, the podcast also features Crimes of Passion Bites which include shorter 15-minute versions of the stories being covered.

Listen to Crimes of Passion on Spotify today here.

Published by HOLR Magazine.