March 8th is International Women’s Day! To acknowledge inspiring women in the music industry and promote gender equality, Spotify has teamed up with female artists to launch a new playlist. We break down which singers are included in it.

The release of the Spotify playlist

As noted by Perth Now, Spotify UK and Ireland have released a playlist called EQUAL. The playlist was created in an effort to invite listeners all over the globe to “invest in women” and “champion female creators”. An ambassador of the brand commented that recognizing women in the music industry is important, especially because women have been making music since the days “we banged sticks on rocks.” Bel Aztiria, global lead of social equity music programs at Spotify, said that the streaming giant strives to amplify and celebrate “the acts of courage and determination of women across the globe.”

Image credit: Spotify

All-female artists on the playlist

In an attempt to continue leveraging and spotlighting female musicians, the special Spotify playlist boasts names like Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Eliza Rose, Blessed Madonna, and Pitty. Additionally, Spotify is working with the founder of Me too, Tarana Burker, and journalist Shar Jossell to use social media to tell stories “behind the movement”. Social justice advocate Favianna Rodriques is also involved in the project. Last but not least, Spotify has partnered up with UN Women and Calling All Crows to better support women artists. While UN Women is an organization with a mission to protect women’s rights, Calling All Crows is a platform founded by Sybill Galagher, a tour manager, to “connect music fans with the feminist movement” and uplift women’s voices. Chadwick Stokes, one of the members of Calling All Crows’ board of directors, has explained that the name of the platform “comes from a song about women empowerment.”

The new Spotify playlist for international women's day

Image credit: Spotify

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