All about Horoscope Today: Stars Edition and why the Spotify Original from Parcast is a must-listen.

This Spotify-exclusive podcast, Horoscope Today: Stars Edition, is a must-add to your Spotify playlist if you love horoscopes and star signs.

As outlined on the Spotify website, the team behind Horoscope Today has developed a podcast series for the platform that explores what life has in store for the world’s most popular and inspirational musicians.

Horoscope Today: Stars Edition is a Parcast Original, which dives into special readings and takes a gander a year into the future. This future gaze uncovers the challenges, successes, and personal growth that await the artists behind the music. For instance, the podcast conducted a special reading for Meghan Trainor, who is a Capricorn sign, Ashe who is a Taurus, Phoebe Bridgers who is a Pisces, and many more.

Anyone who is into horoscope readings, and star signs will love tuning into this podcast series, where the stars truly are the limit for these signs. Bonus: If you’re looking for more daily guidance and affirmations, you can also find your sign’s reading on Horoscope Today.

Listen to Horoscope Today: Stars Edition on Spotify today here.