All about this Spotify original podcast, Not Past It PLUS.

Let’s talk about a new must-add to your must-listen list- Not Past It PLUS (Gimlet), a Spotify original podcast.

This educational podcast is hosted by Simone Polanen and new episodes drop on Wednesdays. During the session, Polanen will “pick a moment from that very same week in history — and tell you how it shaped our lives today” as outlined on Spotify’s website.

If you’ve ever been curious about “why the world is the way it is” this podcast will help decipher its meaning. Not Past It PLUS features episodes that are approximately 30 minutes in length and highlight pivotal moments in history and how they have shaped the world today.

For instance, a recent podcast episode (Wax Heads Will Roll) highlighted the birth of Marie Grosholtz- better known as Madame Tussand- and her influence on modern society in regard to being the “woman behind a global wax museum franchise.” We love that each episode takes a deep dive into things such as events or people that have helped shape history. This educational podcast is definitely with a listen, making it a must-add to your weekly must-listen list!

Listen to Not Past It PLUS today on Spotify here.