We’re breaking down all the reasons why this podcast series is a must-listen!

You Heard Me Write is an orignal Spotify podcast where you can treat your ears to 30 original pieces of prose, music, and sound design. This one of a kind series is hosted by Spotify’s  Sound Up Alum, Kacie Willis.

As outlined on the Spotify website, this podcast features artists who come together to collaborate on a multi-media group project- all without knowing the identities of the other group members. Once the project has been completed, the artists behind the work are introduced to one another in a roundtable discussion. It’s then that they explore the varying roles of creativity, anonymity and the power of connection between people from different walks of life.

This is a must-listen because it features work never heard before and follows an artistic journey of strangers coming together as one.

Listen to You Heard Me Write today here.