KayBe is a singer-songwriter that brings back the warm, fuzzy feelings with her latest single, Sweet Love of Mine. Her latest single show off her ability to sing, play piano and strum the guitar in this love filled track. 

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It’s a classic track that makes you feel in love all over again. 

Cliché maybe, but “Sweet Love of Mine” is about my sweet love. I was in the warm, sweet mood that you hear in the song and I was playing the piano, trying to translate my thoughts into sounds. I knew I liked the way the notes sounded as I was humming over the chords, and all I could say was ‘Sweet love… oh sweet love of mine.’ And it stuck.” 


Born in the St. Louis area, taking off to college in Nashville, now based in Los Angeles, Kaybe defines her sound as ‘American-Pop’. This journey helped define KayBe’s signature sound blended with her airy vocals. 

I would say it’s a Pop influenced Americana. Ameri-Pop or Popicana! haha… a little tongue in cheek there. My music really honors the piano where all the songs begin and then the simplicity of minimal, but poignant instrumental lines. It’s organic and raw, but you can hear each instrument and appreciate it’s own purpose. The melodies and hooks along with the dreamy vocal air more on the pop side, but always include hints of blues and soul.”

While KayBe’s journey sounds like a dream, it hasn’t always been easy. She describes her music journey as, “Great, fun, hard, scary, rough, doubting, perservering… disappointing, rewarding, trying, inspiring.”

There was even a point in the singer’s career that she lost her voice and nearly lost her ability to sing.

“I’ve spoke on it before, but about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with the Whooping Cough and that damaged my vocal chords for 10 years. Nursing my voice back to health and retraining it to do the things it used to be able to do was soon hard, frustrating and discouraging at times. It was definitely a dark period. I remember thinking for years that I actually wasn’t cut out to be a vocalist… and that I was awful and I’d never be able to be back where I once was. But for some reason I never quit… I couldn’t.” 


Having overcome one of the darkest periods of her career thus far, she leans on the support of her fans and listeners. “That fear of uncertainty and insecurity was damaging and even still sometimes it comes back (now that I know the feeling all to well) and it’s awful.  But honestly, I’m so honest with my fans and listeners that I’ll be at a show and I’ll literally be lik, ‘Guys, I’m so seriously nervous right now. It’s so ridiculous, but you need to give me a second [because] my hands are shaking so much I can’t play the piano.’ And getting that off my chest calms me down a little and normally people laugh and things start to get better.” 


For KayBe that feeling doesn’t compare to the feeling of finishing a live performance of her music.


“The best moment continues to be every time I finish a song.  Seriously, it’s such a rush, such a high!  I feel so good when I finish a song I’m proud of and that’s how I know it’s good. If I don’t get that feeling, I better go back to the drawing board.” 


KayBe has big plans for the rest of the year and hope to have us follow her alongside her journey.


I have a lot of releases planned this year that I’m super extremely proud of and can’t wait to share, but I’d really like to travel more and share my music more outside of Los Angeles.  I play a lot out here and I love it, but I want to tour and share elsewhere and also be with my supporters and fans in different areas!”


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