The documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich premiered on Netflix today providing a never before seen look at the pedophiles life. The four part docu-series dives deep into the predatory abuse that many girls endured at the hands of Epstein.

FILTHY RICH: (L to R) Survivor Chauntae Davies and Jeffrey Epstein in episode 3 of FILTHY RICH. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 Netflix

While the media once portrayed him as a business tycoon, this allows you to see the inner workings of a very sick and twisted individual. The narrative is driven by the brave women that came forward with their stories of abuse, rape and manipulation. The voices of these women allow the viewers to see the lasting, debilitating impact the real Epstein had on their lives. The documentary also uncovers how corrupt the justice system can be and how sickening white, wealthy privilege truly is.

FILTHY RICH: Survivor Annie Farmer in FILTHY RICH. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 Netflix

Case in point; after more than 40 underage girls came forward in his first trial, he got away with just one count of soliciting prostitution and a very lenient prison sentence. So lenient that he was only spending nights in jail and got back to his cushy life after only 18 months. In a time when African-American’s are brutally murdered for much, much lesser alleged offenses (and sometimes no offense at all) I think it’s crucial to take note of this. If your view of the justice system hasn’t already changed, it inevitably will.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich starts with his years of abusing girls as young as 12 at his house in Palm Beach, Florida. What you quickly learn is that Epstein didn’t act on his own in recruiting, raping and taking advantage of  young girls. Instead, he was accompanied by his best friend Ghislaine Maxwell — a wealthy woman from London, England. Seemingly, Ghislaine is just as guilty as Jeffrey in the role she played in luring girls to Epstein. To this day, Ghislaine has not been charged and is allegedly in hiding since Epstein’s death.

Jeffrey Epstein with Right-hand Ghislaine Maxwell

Throughout the series you see the shameful behavior of the media too. Not only was their a glamorized portrayal of Epstein for years but they provided a twisted portrayal of the survivors also. You frequently see the media referring to the survivors as prostitutes, which in itself shows how deep the extent of white privilege runs. While Epstein would give the girls $200 after abusing and sometimes raping them, it should not have constituted calling them prostitutes. By labeling them as such, it completely skewers the public’s perception and silences these survivors. As the series dives deeper you begin to understand that this exchange of money was a means for Epstein to cover his tracks and manipulate the situation further.

FILTHY RICH: (L to R) Prince Andrew; Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell in episode 4 of FILTHY RICH. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 Netflix

This documentary does a good job of divulging the extent of the perverse, corrupt pedophile Epstein truly was. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich uncovers the survivors ordeal at the hands of Epstein. It is shocking to see how Epstein destroyed so many girls lives. It is also disgusting to see how blasé and smug he was in his depositions. Epstein is the perfect example of abuse of power and having no accountability. The viewer also gets to learn more about some of the other privileged men that frequently interacted with Epstein. Like, Bill Clinton, who was documented in the flight ledger for Epstein’s private plane up to 27 times but to this day denies it (there are photos of the pair together). Or Prince Andrew who was not only pictured with survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre (16 at the time) but was also seen by an employee of Epstein’s frolicking on Epstein’s private Island with Virginia. Prince Andrew continues to deny allegations but watch the documentary and decide for your self.

FILTHY RICH: Virginia Roberts Giuffre in episode 4 of FILTHY RICH. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 Netflix

The revelations in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, are disturbing and mind-blowing but I hope that the survivors are able to find some peace after sharing their truths. While they may never get true justice as Epstein committed suicide (or was murdered, depending on who you believe), they did get their day in court. After all is said and done, may the survivors know that their voices have been heard and know that it was not in vain. They’re no longer just names in the media, but the depth of what they went through will impact others. Their bravery in sharing in the stories may also help other girls and women to share their truth and seek justice. Watch the Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich documentary on Netflix today.


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