Meet Stirling John!

stirling john celebrating

Today, HOLR is chatting with Stirling John, from Spruce Grove, Alberta, to discuss his experience being part of the annual Volkswagen Volksgiving and how it is celebrating owners who have a special story to tell.

Keep reading to learn all about Stirling and his story.

What has being part of this year’s Volksgiving meant to you?

Being a part of Volksgiving was just an amazing opportunity for me to experience. Being a lifelong VW owner I always considered myself as being a part of the Volkswagen family, however, this event took that to another level. 2021 has been a year filled with change, but also growth with career and music. Music has been growing steadily and has proven to be a great way to connect my work with frontline policing to the community that I continue to serve, which is just incredible to bring my passion to my professional job of public service.

Congratulations on your Country Music Alberta Awards nomination! How are you feeling after the announcement?

I am humbled to have been now a 4-time nominee with the County Music Alberta Awards and yes, it is an incredible feeling, primarily the nomination for community spirit. In my off time, music has taken me to speak to indigenous youth in other indigenous communities in Alberta and to speak on drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, and suicide prevention. This is what it’s all about. Being a mentor for those that need that support in their life, to practice what is being put out there in the lyrics being sung. We really are all in this together.

What about music has brought you joy?

The joy that music brings to me, I would say, is when you attend the studio and you are laying out a new song, watching that art come to life with the band and engineer – it is like Christmas waiting for the finished product so it can hit the radio waves, and reach the ears that need those lyrics most. Currently, in the process of recording a whole album in Calgary, there is a song that I can say is an all-time favourite called, “Not Alone”. We live in such an uncertain time with our economy, leadership, people feeling alone, lost loved ones, mental health decline is on the rise, I cannot wait to put this song out there.

What is the most rewarding thing about your work?

When it comes to my professional frontline policing job, the most rewarding part of that is the ones where you can help those in the darkest times of their life. Though draining at times, I believe we all serve a purpose in that specific moment to provide that counselling to the person in need or comfort those that have lost a loved one, and you need to deliver the news. It can be dark at times, but it is my calling.

What would be your dream road trip? Any places you’d like to travel to with your VW?

I love to hit the road and travel. British Columbia has been a place I have gone on several road trips in the past but certainly am due for another one soon. Travelling across the United States in my VW would be another trip I would love to do, hitting up some music venues across the states that would just be incredible.

If you’re interested in learning more about the owners being celebrated as part of this year’s Volksgiving campaign, be sure to check out the brand’s website for more information.

Published by HOLR Magazine.