Nicholas Daley is bringing patchwork back during his London fashion week runway show. Daley debuted his ‘Blue Quilt‘ Spring/ Summer 2022 menswear collection that showed patchwork and textiles that honoured where he comes from. 

Daley’s use of textiles is very different from what we’ve been seeing in high-end fashion, for Daley he has used materials and patterns that showcase certain cultures and highlight the divide that once was in fashion. Prominent on this runway was his appreciation for his own culture. Being Scottish-Caribbean, Daley has always shown appreciation for quilting, and the ways in which it represents the culture, “Quilting is something I’ve always been inspired by; this idea of repurposing and rebuilding fabrics and how this connects with certain cultures.”

Daley really emphasized the looks for this runway by creating new fabrics, new patches work and new inspirations. His mother is one of the many members of his team that is the lead knitter and has been the one who taught Daley how to knit, which makes this collection even more sentimental. Daley’s use of materials and his ingenious creation of new fabrics, materials and textiles has made this collection more sustainable as he has recreated new collection pieces with old collection pieces. “Key was the creation of four-by-two-meter quilt works assembled from off-cuts from previous collections, which were then cut into ponchos and bucket hats.” Quoted Daley in a Vogue review. 

 Look 1:

Vogue Runway

Daley’s first look at the show is a patchwork poncho with a matching bucket hat and matching cream trousers. This look is the embodiment of the collection showcasing his love for quilting and his cultural background. Any piece of this look can be worn together or separate and still show its versatility and its appreciation for Daley’s background. 

Look 10:

Vogue Runway

In this look, Daley’s main focus is the linen and his croquet bag. Both are still representative of his cultural background, but also showing more interest in the sustainability aspect of fashion. The materials from certain mills worked with Daley to create sustainable fabrics, like the blue striped linen pants, and the matching croquet hat and bag is a representation of his love for the creation of new fabrics with recycled fabrics. 

Look 15:

Vogue Runway

This look once again has a main focus on its bag and hat, but the overall look gives it a more street wear vibe. Daley’s Scottish and Caribbean background are the main focus in all of his pieces, but for this look, Daley took a causal plaid shirt, with a graphic tee and khaki slacks to compliments the croquet bag and hat, mixing his heritages. 

Vogues review of the collection is as stated, “the garments, foundations for the further expression to come, reflected the geographically multitudinous embrace of a spiritually connected global diaspora that is Daley’s daily pursuit.”

For a look at all the pieces in the show, and his new collection click here

Article published by HOLR Magazine