Nowadays, it is almost becoming necessary to work towards being sustainable with your fashion habits (not to mention other lifestyle habits). Today brands are encouraging recycling, coming out with sustainability plans, and there are clothes donation centers all over in most cities.

Here are a few ways you can be more sustainable with fashion:

Less Is More

Fast fashion especially has encouraged us that we need ‘all the options’. But when it comes to fashion, sometimes less really is more. Invest in pieces for your closet, especially the classic items or items true to your style (not just true to trend) that you know you will get a lot of wear of. Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more on pieces that’ll last for decades to come.

Gucci, for example, innovated the fashion sustainable program that started it for the rest of the brands. Gucci announced in September 2019 that it is now Carbon Neutral and the brand has really prioritized sustainability and fashion. The new Gucci women’s collection is now carbon neutral and available to shop on, where you can find quality fashionable pieces that will last you a lifetime and make you feel good about your purchase.

The 30 Question

The 30 Question is an effective way to consider how often you will actually wear or use an item. Ask yourself, ‘will I wear this 30 times?’ If your answer is ‘no’, then don’t buy it. This helps to avoid any unnecessary purchases and also helps to frame the question in terms of cost per wear.

Find a good tailor 

Rather than tossing your clothes out, especially the good quality ones that will still last a while, find a reliable tailor to have your clothes repaired instead. Make it a priority to care for the clothes that you do have, rather than having to replace them when normal wear and tear happens. You can also go to a tailor to simply have your pieces, new or second hand, to fit your body shape properly and avoid buying multiple of the same in the search of the ‘right fit’.

If you don’t like something anymore, donate it

There are plenty of places that would appreciate donated clothes. Check donation centers in your local area, which may include women’s shelters and other non-profit donation centers. So if you are doing a clear out, donate your items so they can find a new home.

Try to shop for natural materials

Natural materials let you breathe which is a benefit in terms of purpose, but in terms of sustainability they are also more sustainable than synthetic fabrics. Synthetics take a long time to decompose, so be mindful of which fabrics you select and do your best to primarily shop for items made of natural materials.

Now for society and for the world, it is not really an option anymore to become sustainable or not. If we care about the future we must begin somewhere and fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Small changes mentioned above and switching from fast fashion to more environmental friendly brands is an effective way to reduce your impact immediately and encourage society as a whole to do the same!