Nick Cannon Claps Back At ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Allegations

Nick Cannon joined ‘The Los Angeles Times’ in an interview where he discusses his net worth, baby mothers and some interesting claims online calling him a ‘deadbeat dad.’

It’s definitely no secret that Cannon has had his fair share of baby announcements. To this day, Cannon has over 5 children making him a father of 12.

To these claims, Cannon has labelled himself as villainized.

“I’ve been villainized,” Cannon agrees. “I hear all the time: ‘You can’t be present for all those children.’ So, therefore, I get this deadbeat dad title. ” (Via The Los Angeles Times)

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According to the article, nothing ‘grinds Cannon’s gears’ like being labelled as “ this irresponsible guy that is just launching kids into the universe.”

Although ‘The Masked Singer’ host does not believe in labels when it comes to relationships, his track record when it comes to romantic relations is strictly polyamorous.

In the interview, Cannon discussed his multiple partners, claiming he is only providing them with what they want… a child.

“It’s not about what I do for you or what I say to you, it’s about how you feel when I’m with you. If you feel loved when you see your dad, that’s what’s gonna resonate.” He says, “A lot of them are in the same age group, And I just wanted to give them what they desired. I kept saying, ‘I can handle it.’”

How Much Money Is Nick Cannon Worth?

In ‘The Los Angeles Times’, Cannon revealed how much money he makes yearly.

This talk of money began when he corrected an article claiming he paid $3 million in child support, to which he stated was a much higher amount.

Image Credit: Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times

Cannon claimed that $3 million was not a lot of money while living his lifestyle bringing in $100 million annually.

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