Why is Nick Davi video trending? HOR: breaks it down. 

According to this article, there is video footage of pastor Nick Davi- Las Vegas pastor- being shot and killed in front of his children. As noted in the article, there is a wrongful death lawsuit in the process in which it is alleged that Davi’s neighbor, Joe Junio, is accused of murdering him and has been subsequently charged with murder, attempted murder, and child abuse.

Image Credit via 8newsnow.com (NLVPD/KLAS)

Allegedly, Junio also shot Davi’s wife- Sarah-who survived.

Image Credit via 8newsnow.com (KLAS)

Nick Davi Video

Apparently, a screenshot from a video recorded by one of the pastor’s children captured the harrowing footage of the incident. The children were inside the family’s car when Davi- who was 46 years old- was shot and killed.

The shooting occurred on December 29, 2023. Supposedly, Junio “terrorized” the family for weeks in which they were actually staying somewhere else. According to this related article, Junio showcased “escalating threatening behavior” following her being reported to the HOA by Davi allegedly for “violations related to chickens and dogs,” as noted in a police report.

Junio reportedly began threatening and harassing the family as a result of being reported to the HOA. As a result, Juni confronted the family and then the incident took place. Supposedly, Junio borrowed the firearm from someone else.

The still images of the video footage are reportedly being used in the wrongful death lawsuit.

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