Justyn Vicky’s cause of death is circulating widely online. HOLR breaks down the latest news.

As mentioned in this recent article, a fitness influencer in Bali named Justyn Vicky recently died when a barbell fell on his neck.

Justyn Vicky Accident

The Bali trainer was at the gym on July 15 when an unfortunate accident occurred that cost him his life. The Daily Mail previously reported that Vicky was at The Paradise Bali gym in Sanur, Indonesia, when a barbell fell on his neck. The weight weighed more than 450 lbs. Allegedly, Vicky was doing squat presses at the time when the accident occurred. Vicky was supposedly immediately rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery but died shortly after due to his injuries, as noted here.

Justyn Vicky Death

Vicky’s death circulated widely online after it was released that a more than 450 lbs. weight broke his neck after crashing down on him as he was trying to extend his legs during a squat. He did have a spotter with him but he wasn’t able to help Vicky.

In a recent post on Instagram, Vicky actually walks his followers through the dangerous exercise.

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