Did Zendaya and Tom Holland break up? Fans are worried that the couple may have split after she unfollowed everyone off of Instagram recently.

Zendaya Tom Holland

According to this TikTok video posted by user @xo.tylermadison, Zendaya just unfollowed everyone on Instagram- out of nowhere.

Zendaya Boyfriend

Zendaya shocked the internet after it was revealed that she unfollowed everyone on Instagram, including her rumored boyfriend Tom Holland as well as her family. The TikToker notes that a lot of celebrities seem to do this, “mainly for work purposes.” Zendaya is alleged to be coming out with a movie soon so that could be a possible reason but we don’t know why she did this for sure.

Zendaya Instagram

The Tiktoker claims that Zendaya was previously following approximately 1800 people and now that number has gone down to zero.

Zendaya Tom Holland

IMAGE CREDIT: @xo.tylermadison TikTok

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Together?

Fans were worried that Zendaya and Tom had broken up following the news that she unfollowed everyone off of Instagram. Tom still follows Zendaya’s account so all still seems to be well between the two of them as there is no official confirmation of a breakup between the two.

Tom actually rarely uses social media apps such as Instagram, after claiming that he was taking a social media break back in 2022, as noted here. The related article claims also that he has since only made his return and used the app to seemingly promote his work and upcoming projects.

Maybe Zendaya is taking a break from social media, too?

It looks like we’ll have to wait and see if she addresses this sudden unfollowing spree- for now, all we can do is speculate. 

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